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Hello and Welcome.


We are a new London Happiness and Well-being Community promoting More Happiness and Less Unnecessary Unhappiness.

As members we stand for increasing the levels of love, peace and joy in our local and global communities.

Join our GROWing community today!


* Local and Global Happiness and Well-being Community

* Talks and tailor-made online 
Authentic Happiness Coaching Courses

* Teenage Self and Stress Management in London Schools and Colleges

* Happiness Resources and more

All enquiries welcome.

Our Story

Johnathon Martin - Happiness Coach
well-being community london

Founded by Yoga Teacher and Happiness Coach, Johnathon Martin, and a small team of passionate visionaries in 2023, HAPPIER London is now evolving into a powerful force for positive change in the local and global community.


We prioritize increased levels of awareness, love, peace and joy to drive meaningful personal and social change.


Join us a journey towards a happier YOU, a happier city and a happier world.

As one person grows and heals so does the whole.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip people and businesses to become more aware, loving, peaceful and joyful.

We do this through COMMUNITY and promoting positive and practical resources for positive change.

By uniting the local community and promoting well-being resources and good causes, we foster connections and raise our individual and collective happiness and well-being levels.

As one persons vibration increases so does that of the whole.

As you become happier so does your local environment and the planet!


Amplifying Voices

At HAPPIER London, we deeply value partnerships as a key element of our activism. We believe in empowering communities to find solutions from within and strive to raise awareness on a local and global scale.


Unity in Diversity

Advocacy forms the core of our Community Movement, as we advocate for inclusivity and empowerment. Join us as we inspire others to take a stand for MORE HAPPINESS AND LESS UNNECESSARY UNHAPPINESS in their lives and the lives of others..

Community Outreach

Voices Heard

Ensuring no voice goes unheard, HAPPIER London offers a supportive environment and valuable resources for community outreach. Our strength lies in the collective efforts of our members. Join our cause.

Declaring your support for MORE HAPPINESS AND LESS UNNECESSARY HAPPINESS, in your life and the lives of others, will have an uplifting effect on you and those around you

Key benefits of joining HAPPIER London

Together we are stronger and have greater impact

* Positive personal and social impact

* Invitation to all HAPPIER London inperson and online events (starting soon

* As a member you can promote your business and website to other members and our website visitors, for free

* Opportunities to collaborate with us in promoting a happier London and a happier world

Online Happiness Coaching London

Receive bespoke 1:1 online happiness coaching aimed at helping you experience more happiness and less unnecessary unhappiness. It’s our understanding that unlimited happiness is already inside of us all, but we cover that innate gift with many misconceptions that cause us to suffer.

Greenify London - Green Living Walls
happiness community london

Become a Happiness and/or Mindfulness Coach.

Visit Happiitude for more.

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