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Helping your child or students turn up for their exams and life, at their best.

*** Insights and techniques for calmness, clarity and confidence! ***

Exam and Life Preparation.

Especially for 15-18-year olds
* 28-Day Transformation
* 4 x 45 minute Coaching Calls
* 28 Empowering Exercises
* Unlimited Support


Exan and Life Preparation Online Course.

Bespoke Classes and Courses.

Especially for Years 11 and 13
* Stress Management
* Personal Power and Choice
* New Responses
* Enlightening Life Lessons


Teenage Mindset Courses in Schools and Colleges around London.

'Johnathon has been mentoring for us for the last few years. 

He is one of the most amazing mentors we have ever had.


His sessions are always planned to the smallest detail. At the heart of his sessions is self-awareness, empowerment and freedom of choice. The NCC students in his mentoring programme always look forward to his sessions.

More recently Johnathon has gone from being a volunteer to running exam preparation and stress management sessions with our current Y11 cohort. In these sessions, he shares tools and techniques to help students overcome fear, anxiety and exam stress. The sessions help students to better connect and relate to themselves.

Johnathon’s sessions are always well attended and very popular amongst the mentees who are benefiting greatly. 


This is a breakdown of what a session with Johanthon looks like:

1. Mindfulness and YOGA based physical exercise

2. Sharing gratitude and learning to express themselves in front of their peers

3. Kindness, personal empowerment and choice

I am looking forward to working with Johnathon more in the future'.

Nuuriye Hagi

Newman Catholic College

'The Promise Foundation is incredibly grateful to Johnathon, who has been mentoring with us for a couple of years.


As a dedicated and committed mentor, he has a natural ability to connect with and inspire young minds, fostering a positive and nurturing environment, and empowering his mentees to navigate challenges, set goals and unlock their  potential'


Simon Marks

Managing Director.

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