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Why Happiitude - Happiness Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching?

Updated: 4 days ago

We initially came across Happiitude about a year ago when we were looking for a teenage mindfulness teachers training course.

Our coach and founder Johnathon Martin was already an experienced mindfulness teacher but was looking for a specialist course to help with training teenagers.

Since then we’ve completed several Happiitude courses, each one helping us understand the topics of happiness and mindfulness better.

The first Happiitude course we did was their Happiness Coach Certification Course. A Happiness Coach, WOW! When we read the description we identified and knew this was our next step.

We loved the course. All 6-weeks and 42 daily exercises. The content and community. People from all around the world sharing their take on HAPPINESS. What a great experience.

And it turned the writer from an aspiring yogi, pretty committed to unconditional happiness to a fully pledged devotee. We only live once why not make a point of being happy?

Along the way we’ve frequently come across an Indian term ‘ Sat Chit Ananda’. Since doing the course the writers conviction that our most inherent fundamental state is one of love, peace and joy has grown, and if we’re not experiencing that state now, then something’s calling for our attention to change.

Simply we recommend Happiitude 100% and are delighted to be promoting their courses.

To visit their website please click here - and use the code HAPPIERLON10 for a 10% discount on all their courses.

If you’d like an Awareness and Happiness Coaching Call please book your session at - or contact us to find out more.


We look forward to hearing from you,


All best wishes,

Johnathon Martin

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