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Why EForest and ForestNATION? Reforestisation.

Updated: 4 days ago

HAPPIER London were looking for ways to get more involved with reforestization and planting more trees.

It was by good fortune we came across EForest at The National Achievers Congress in Hammersmith, West London at the end of April.

Bang! Three birds with one stone!

EForest not only empowers us to ‘plant more trees’ but also offers us a way to generate additional revenue by playing a simple game and sharing the opportunity with others.

So go ahead and check out EForest at and play The Most Meaningful Game on Earth.

On further research we also came across ForestNATION, who we’ve joined as affiliates and have enjoyed promoting.

Forest NATION empower you to send Trees As Gifts and also offer a facility for businesses and individuals to offset their carbon footprint.

You can find out more about ForestNATION here –

We hope that like us you decided to take steps to ‘plant more trees’ and both of these opportunities enable you to do just that.

For further details please click on the above links or visit

Here’s to being more mindful, planting more trees, and happiness.

Best Wishes,

Johnathon Martin

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