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Promoting HAPPINESS.

Updated: 4 days ago

As a person I’ve been into promoting happiness for about as long as I can remember.

It’s always been important to me.

I read a book called The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale in 1988. It changed my life. On reading that book I realized I had CHOICE!

Years later and out came The Power of NOW by Eckhardt Tolle. In my opinion these 2 POWER BOOKS are almost up with there with The Bible and Mahabharata ie/ essential reading for aspiring yogis, yoginis and anyone else looking for unconditional authentic happiness.

We recent co-presented a course for Action for Happiness, which was a great experience & as always in these circles, we met a really inspiring and brave group of people.

When we were in training with Action for Happiness we commented to their representative that with no disrespect at all, we found their course to be a little supermarket ie/ shallow, basic. I’m not sure this went down that well, but the point is their training and community, both of which are truly excellent and highly recommended for folk in a not-ideal mental/emotional space and looking to feel better.

And obviously this is great and Action for Happiness are there for a lot of people. Hats off to them. Well-played Action for Happiness :)

'I don't do shallow' - Keanu Reeves.

HAPPIER London however honestly work best with people who are already ‘happy’ & are on the path to unconditional happiness.

We love working with aspiring yogis, yoginis, life coaches, meditators, present people, deliberate lifestyle designers etc. And this ain’t mass-market stuff. Not usually seen or heard of in supermarkets.

Unconditional happiness comes hand in hand with self-awareness and mindfulness.

It requires RIGHT KNOWLEDGE as taught in the books mentioned above.

At the heart of HAPPIER London is YOGA.

YOGA in the broadest sense of the word – anything that connects you to yourself & The Divine, God, Life, Existence, The Centre of Life.

And promoting HAPPINESS isn’t that easy. The word makes many feel uncomfortable.

Everyone wants it only few invest in realizing and understanding what it is - ie/ your true nature. And there are many paths, gurus, schools yelling for your ‘make my life great’ aspirations.

None-the-less we’re HAPPY where we are. We’re doing our thing. Promoting HAPPINESS as we do, in our way.

We train teenagers who we find to be super open and keen to learn and coach adults on the journey to self-awareness and authentic happiness. To find out more please visit www.HAPPIER.London.

In addition to personal HAPPINESS we’re also into the bigger picture of ENVIRONMENTAL HAPPINESS & there’s a fair amount to be done in this space.

In addition to recently joining EForest and ForestNATION we’re also just about to open an ECO GIFT STORE. This will give you an opportunity to gift yourself or someone else a super cool ECO GIFT.

Sourcing HAPPIER London branded products has been such a fun experience and we’re so pleased with the items we’ve found that we’re looking into becoming a distributor of ECO BRANDED items for other well-being businesses and enterprises.

So the journey of PROMOTING HAPPINESS continues as it will.

As a start up enterprise we’re exploring different avenues and ways to PROMOTE HAPPINESS.

Every day is a new day.

Would you like to help us with what we do?

If so we’d love to hear from you. In whatever way you’d like to hep us PROMOTE HAPPINESS it would be great to hear from you so please feel free to contact us through our website.

We look forward to launching the HAPPIER London ECO Shop soon and hopefully you’re love the items that have been sourced and created.

All best wishes to you.

Removing blocks to HAPPINESS.

Johnathon Martin


Want to become a HAPPINESS and/or Mindfulness Coach?

Visit HAPPIITUDE and for a 10% discount on ALL their courses use the code HAPPIERLON10

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