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New HAPPIER London ECO Shop and ECO Promotions.

The HAPPIER London Shop is now open and we’re pleased to be able to help choose an ECO gift, for yourself or a loved one, or even run an eco-promo campaign for your business or community enterprise.

As we’re sure you know we’re all about More Mindfulness, More Trees and More Happiness.

And both our shop and promo items are geared up towards this.

The shop is currently stocked with HAPPY clothing with other ECO Products coming soon!

Check out our ECO Promo products for your next advertising, marketing or gifting campaign.

These super Seed Packets, Grow Kits, SeedSticks aka seed matchboxes and more make ideal give away gifts! This as 4 birds with 1 stone :)

Promoting HAPPINESS and YOUR BRAND, getting more seeds into the soil and giving a wonderful gift!

Furthermore HAPPIER London are pleased by part of ForestNATION who offer a range of eco-gifting and other eco services for both businesses and people.


Who know giving seeds and planting trees could be such fun :)

Please take a moment to explore our site and see how you think you could best benefit from what we do.

* Happiness Coaching

* Mindfulness Training

* Gifting a Tree or other ECO goodie

* ECO Promotions

And if there’s anytime the world needs More Trees & More Happiness it’s right now.

So how can you play a part? Time to Gift A Tree or arrange your ECO promotion! And what about a HAPPINESS Course?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this feature and look forward to hearing from you soon.

All best wishes until next time,




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Be an ECO Warrior and an example within your community.

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