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ECO Promotions.

HAPPIER London are pleased to offer fun and innovative ECO Promotional items to help you with your next campaign.

We work with a broad range of businesses and social enterprises creating a range of innovative and ecological grow kits, branded plant pots, printed seed packets, and seed sticks – the seed matchbox and more.

Innovative promotional products and corporate gifts for any business that cares about the environment and sustainability. 

All of our sustainable giveaways can be custom-printed with your logo and branding. The possibilities are only limited by you and our collective imagination. We also offer a free consultation if you need a hand.

Browse our promotional eco-friendly products and get in touch for our personalised recommendations, pricing and timelines.

We love to work closely with our clients giving away seeds and planting more trees.

Let’s meet! If you’d like to discuss your needs further, book a call with us or arrange a face-to-face presentation so we can show you the products for you to brand and design as you will.

ECO Promo Products
Happiness Promotions

Grow your business by giving trees and seeds. Makes sense! :)

Please also look at the promotional items offered at ForestNATION.

All enquiries welcome!

Be an ECO Warrior and an example within your community.

UK ECO Campaigns.

* Gift Your Staff

* WOW Your Customers or Clients

* BOOST Your Sales with FREE Giveaways

What-ever your reason for choosing an ECO Campaign we'd love to help.

We can help you select the best ECO products to use and depending on factors can even help with your UK giveaways.

* Outside Train Station

* Local Events

* Street Market Research Surveys

* Sales Promos

* Events and Special Occassions

Grow A Sprout Pencil
Sprout Pencils

The Sprout Pencil is the first plantable sustainable pencil in the world.

The pencil has been given its dual function by replacing the eraser with a special seed capsule.


Delicious fresh herbs, crispy vegetables, or edible flowers, grow out of the pencil.


You can customize the pencils with an engraved logo or message to promote awareness for a company or social enterprise.

Pencils are available in a personalised sleeve or loose.

Innovative ECO Promo item and gift!

Are you looking to BOOST your business? Make a good impression? Give back to our planet!?

Well if so HAPPIER London would love to help.


Please contact us now to discuss your ideas and objectives and we'll help you design the ideal eco-products and campaign.


We look forward to hearing from you.


All enquiries welcome!

Green Living Walls.

Take a look at how we can help you improve the quality of your environment.

* Homes

* Schools and Colleges

* Offices and Hotels

* Cafes and Restaurants

* Community Buildings

* Shops and Showrooms

ECO green living walls can also be branded!

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